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Get Basic Skills & Have Fun

Is your child or someone young interested in trying golf? Bring them down to get shown the basic steps to hitting routine shots and watch their excitement for the game grow.


To help your kids and grandkids get started on the right foot, we offer GOLF SWING INSTRUCTIONS for juniors, held on certain scheduled Saturday's.

junior golf instructions

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THE KIDS CLINICS run during the open season, beginning in May.

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junior golf grip lessons

Learn the Basic Grip

junior golf stance lessons

Where and How to Stand

junior golf contact lessons

Make Contact with the Ball

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How to get a child interested in golf

  • What age is best? Whenever they are ready to have some fun.
  • When to quit? When it stops being fun or your child loses interest.
  • Have some fun with it. Hit a tennis ball. Putt to different parts of the house. Chip over boxes. Stand on one leg (left leg is best, for right hander) and putt, chip or swing. Be creative.
  • How do I teach grip? Don't force it…reinforce it. Keep it simple. Stress thumbs on top and to keep both hands on the club. Don't talk a lot. Keep putting their hands on the club as often as you can get away with it.
  • Right or left hand? The kick test works good. If they kick a ball with the right foot they probably will play golf right handed.
  • How about clubs? One club to start. Spark their interest. Play games and challenges to let them earn more clubs. Start with a putter. Then a 7 iron. Then a fairway wood.
Junior golf clinic

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Paul spent eight years coaching high school golf and continues to coach many high school and college players. His busy schedule still allows time to consult area golf coaches and aspiring golf professionals. Paul takes great pride in developing those who have a desire to pursue golf professionally and many of his students have gone on to full-ride golf scholarships, PGA membership and become high school/college golf coaches.

Have More Fun

Introduce the juniors to the basics and fundamentals of the swinging the golf club. They will learn the safety and etiquette requirements (where to stand, how to swing, etc.) and have more fun, hitting the ball farther than before.


Runs during the open season, beginning in May, starting right at 10 AM. Paul will HELP the junior golfers ON THE RANGE with a basic instructional guided start and tips, to show your junior golfers how to have more fun hitting balls on the range.

kids clinic

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"As a High School golf coach, I value what Paul has done for my golfers over the years, by helping to get them ready for scholastic competition. The short game work some of my players have done, over the winter with Paul, has taken those final tough strokes off their score."

Terry Kekic. Head Golf Coach, Ravenna High School. Ravenna, Ohio
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