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GOLF IS A GAME... and games are supposed to be fun. The objective with Tessler Golf Lessons is to increase your level of enjoyment by improving your scores. THE BETTER YOU PLAY, THE MORE FUN IT GETS.

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Meet the Pro

Meet the Pro

Paul Tessler is a GGA* Licensed Golf Instructor with over 40 years of experience.

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Practice is IMPORTANT! Start learning for a Better Swing.

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Get Professional club fitting and repairs, with FREE EQUIPMENT ANALYSIS.

Meet the Pro

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GGA* Licensed Golf Instructor

Read more about Paul Tesslers 40 plus years of coaching and teaching golf instructions, for any age and skilled golfer, as well as his students receiving full-ride golf scholarships and more!

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Get the Instructions you need Today, for a better golf game with Swing Lessons. Also read why most golfers, don't know how to practice.

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Get Fitted For a Better Swing.

Learn how getting your clubs fitted to your height and stance will add for a better game.

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