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Read below why most golfers don't know how to practice. See how to get kids started on golf and how Tessler can help the High School student go pro. As well as see ways to get private lessons for dialing in your swing with the famous teachings of Moe Normans Single Plane Golf Swing.

Why Get Lessons...

It's Important to Practice, scroll down to view more on...

individual lessons


Learn to golf the right way, with the basics to develop a simple, consistent swing...

kids swing lessons

Junior Golfers

Get young golfers interested in the game, learning to swing and having fun...

High School Lessons

High School Students

Get team practice and insrtuctions for a better game......

Read Below Why...

"Most Don't Know How To practice"

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Tessler’s Online Golf Lessons Articles...

'Why Get Lessons?'

'The Core Elements of The Tessler Teaching System.'


'Most Don't Know How To Practice'

'If you want to learn golf, start reading now.'

Tessler’s Online Golf Lessons Articles...

"Why Get Lessons" & "Most Don't Know How To practice"

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Practice is important. Let Paul show you how to make your swing better. From getting your junior child interested in the game by hitting good shots, to helping your High School student go pro, to individual lessons, to getting Paul's certified training instructions on The Moe Norman Swing Plane Authority...

Paul is here to make your game better and more enjoyable.

Tessler Lesson Types
Private Lessons Special Lessons Junior Golfers High School Practice

Private Golf Lessons

Learn Golf The Right Way

Get The Basics - Get Them Fast

Learn how to develop a simple, consistent swing

Paul's 4-step accelerated training program will take you from irons to woods to the course in 4 weeks

One Teacher...A Simple Swing For You

private lessons

Make the most of your game

"If you hate phone menus as much as me, or emails sent to a no-reply address, you know what I mean. You can call, text or email me. I will do my best to help your golf game." -Paul Tessler

Paul Tessler PGA Member 38 years Certified

Paul can do club regripping if your clubs are worn.

No clubs? No problem! Paul has loaners!


Private lesson packages are tailored to you

Lessons are pre-scheduled so you can guarantee the times that are best for you

Video, computer analysis and playing lessons are available

private golf lessons

Call or text to schedule that first private lesson.

Make the most of your game

  • The Driver--once you understand there are only 2 reasons the ball goes to the right you will be more consistent off the tee.
  • The Fairway wood--learn how ball position is critical to contact.
  • The Pitch shot--learn how to control distance on part shots.
  • The Putt/Chip--find your perfect ball position so you see the line and a grip that keeps the ball on line.

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*Prices, times and specials may change, call to get the latest information.

Special Lessons

From Golf's Greatest Ball‑Striker

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The Single Plane Golf Swing of Moe Norman

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Paul is a certified GGA Golf Instructor

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Free Online Lessons

Watch Free Online Golf Lessons

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Pauls Locations:

View Pauls current and future location for giving lessons near you.

  • Newton Falls, Ohio May-October 2021

    3781 State Route 5, Newton Falls, OH, OH 44444

  • Hendersonville,NC Champions Golf Learning Center May 7-9,2021
  • Richmond, VA Windy Hills Golf Center May 14 & 15,2021
  • Arnold, MD Severna Park Golf Center May 17-19, 2021
  • Meadville, PA Meadville Country Club May 28-30, 2021
  • Chicago, IL Prairie Landing Golf Club June 11-13, 2021
  • Houston,TX Gleannloch Pines Golf Club Oct. 29th to Nov. 2nd 2021
  • Orlando, Fl Eagle Creek Golf Club Nov. 2021-April 2022
  • Newton Falls, Ohio May-October 2022

    3781 State Route 5, Newton Falls, OH, OH 44444

  • Orlando, Fl Eagle Creek Golf Club Nov. 2022-April 2023

Make the most of your game with Paul

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Junior Golfers

Bring the kids down and get them interested in Golf!

Swing Better and Hit Longer

No Clubs? No Problem!

Paul Has Loaners.

kids clinic lessons

High School Team Practice

High School Junior Golf Camps and Team Instructions

Does your child want to sign up for the Golf Team?

Tessler can help!

Call now to schedule individual lessons to get started today.

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Golf Coaches!

Schedule Golf practices and instructions for your team.

For More Information on How to Get Started

Call Paul Today, to Reserve Your Tee Times!

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Paul Tessler is here to help you... Play Your Best Golf Ever!

  • Your fitness can increase your distance and stop back pain.
  • Learn specific golf warmup skills.
  • Simple, precise instruction can increase your flexibility.
  • Professional golf instruction can cure swing flaws.

Who Should Attend?

Golfers who need more distance...

  • Your golf swing depends on your fitness
  • Learn specific golf warmup skills
  • Simple precise instruction to increase your flexibility

Who should attend: Golfers who want more distance.

How: Check for dates and times by contacting Paul.

Call or Text: (330) 872‑7984 Or Send A Message Below.

Meet Paul Tessler

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Read Pauls credentials and experience in giving lessons & golf instructions.

Club Fitting

Club Fitting Measure

Get Professional club fitting and repairs, with FREE EQUIPMENT ANALYSIS.

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Meet the Pro

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