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Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Paul graduated from Bowling Green State University (1975), with a BS in business marketing. He became a PGA Member after College and played professional golf extensively until buying his own golf teaching center in 1983.

With an eye for teaching and a desire to help golfers improve their game, Paul has spent 42 years operating a successful golf learning center. In addition to operating his business, Paul spent five years as an instruction editor for the Ohio Golfer Magazine. His instruction articles have also appeared in Golf Magazine and The Tribune Chronicle. The Cleveland Plain Dealer, along with regional publications for Time, Newsweek and US News, have featured his One Day Golf Schools.

Paul spent eight years coaching High School golf and continues to coach many High School and College players. His busy schedule still allows time to consult area golf coaches and aspiring golf professionals.

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Paul is a Certified GGA Golf Instructor

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Get Professionally Fitted Clubs

See how to get fitted for the right set of clubs, for a better game and how one of the Most Important FUNDAMENTALS In Golf is to have proper fitting equipment. Clubs that are too long, too short, or too heavy... makes learning difficult.

Size Does Make A Difference!

Height with a wrist-to-floor measurement can be used to determine custom club length.

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Learning is Easier with These Features

Club Correct Length

You can start golf using clubs with the right grip size.

Club Correct Grip

Club length and weight is measured and suited to your height, size, and strength.

Club Correct Weight

Perimeter weighted irons and woods help your off‑center hits to go straighter and fly further.

Golf the Right Way

With Clubs that Fit, at a Price You Can Afford.

When You Buy Clubs You Don't want to, have to buy again, and again, and then again. The cost just keeps adding up. That's why we only use hardened stainless steel club heads with a lifetime warranty against breaking or bending.

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Read what others have to say and see how Tessler helped improve golf swings.

"Took the 1 day Grave Golf Academy class at Paul's facility. AWESOME experience. [Paul] taught the fundamentals of the Single Plane golf swing very smoothly patiently with the participants. He was patient and explained things so clearly and..."

"I have been going to Paul for a great number of years. Since I have my own indoor sim I always take instruction over the winter in his indoor facility. He has helped me change my terrible golf swing into one admired by my playing partners..."

"Paul is a great guy and teacher! Whenever I have issues with my swing I stop out and see him and he's ALWAYS available to help! I recommend his services for all golfers. He makes it easy and fun to learn and is very relaxed and patient! He will help you tremendously..."

"I am very happy with the 5 lessons that I took from Paul over the course of two weeks. He has a very laid‑back attitude and is one of the nicest people that you will ever meet. More importantly, he is very knowledgeable about the game of..."

"Paul is a great resource for improving your golf game. He is knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about golf and teaching. He has both indoor and outdoor facilities for lessons and practice. His schedule is flexible and his attitude..."

"Paul has been my Daughter's Swing Coach for the past 3 years. She began working with Paul in her junior year of High School. At that time, she had a great work ethic and good swing mechanics, but she wanted more out of her golf game..."

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